Citizen’s Charter


A more progressive self-reliant, independent, economically, stable water district, committed to provide safe, potable, adequate, dependable and affordable water supply for economic and social progress.


The Lemery Water District is committed to provide safe and potable, adequate, affordable, reliable, sustainable piped water supply to domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and other uses within the boundaries of Lemery, Batangas.


Lemery Water District embraces this phrase to encourage its employees maintain their momentum towards its growth and development. Also, the phrase is an acronym for the following core values that LEWAD employees shall possess:


Listening to Every WAter Drop…

“We give hope”

Many people depend on us; Let us work

hand in hand for them.

  • Citizen Centric
  • People Oriented
  • Citizen focused and Citizen driven
  • High priority for Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Officer’s staff easily accessible and willing to listen.



We, the Officials and employees of Lemery Water District (Batangas), pledge to carry out our duties and responsibilities with efficiency, effectiveness, enthusiasm, and genuine concern to service. As such, we commit promptly, courteously, compassionately, and adequately act on your request, comments, suggestions and complaint through our Public Assistance Counter (PAC) available from Monday to Friday starting 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, no noon break and on your very urgent concerns through our “ON CALL SKELETAL FORCE” available 24/7.”


We appreciate your continuous patronage to the services of Lemery Water District (LEWAD). Your comments and suggestions on how we have served you are important information which we need for the continuous improvement of our services.

Please let us know of your opinion, may it be a positive one or an opportunity for improvement, by doing any of the following:

  • Accomplish the Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form (CSFF) which is available at the Customer Care Division. Fold it to ensure the privacy of your answers and drop it inside the suggestion box.
  • Visit or call the LEWAD Office and inform the Customer Care Representative of your comments/suggestions.
  • Send your comments/suggestions to email address
  • Write your comments/suggestions to Engr. Hydee Dela Luna-Ramirez, General Manager of the Lemery Water District.

The Lemery Water District will respond accordingly to your comments/suggestions the soonest time possible.

Thank you very much and we are glad to be of continued service to you.



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